‘Ethnicities and ‘Racial’ Rearticulations’

Susan Kaiser
Ethnicities and 'Racial' Rearticulations, Fashion and Cultural Studies, pp. 140-177, 2012. London: Bloomsbury.

Nation, race, ethnicity, and religion. As interconnected subject positions, they overlap and shift in meaning along with the cultural discourses in which they are embedded. None of them are things or essences; they are more like relationships (Tabili 2003). And thinking about them as subject positions allows us to think about possibilities for these positions to shift, as hierarchies and power relations
change. All involve processes of self-labelling (i.e., agency, subjectivity) as well as subjection to labels and stereotypes supplied by others. All influence, and are influenced by, styling-fashioning-dressing the body. All need to be analyzed in terms of the cultural discourses that produce and change their meanings, and styled-fashioned-dressed bodies become a vital part of such an analysis.