Cedella Marley at Caribbean Fashion Week

Teleica Kirkland

The 2012 Caribbean Fashion Week, held at the Jamaican National Stadium was a riot of colour and music. Despite still having teething problems surrounding event organisation and management, the show goes from strength to strength boasting big name performances from the likes of Estelle, Brian Mcknight and Konshens.

So if we’re talking international fashion in Jamaica then no event is complete without the delightful Cedella Marley. Boasting true reggae royalty credentials Cedella is the African Diasporas shining, smiling answer to Stella McCartney (seriously does Stella ever smile?).

Her collection this year had a bit of everything from play suits to flowing evening dresses; casual day wear to beach attire as if not wanting to leave any lifestyle uncatered for.

Sexy swimwear was emblazoned with graphics from her father Bob’s Exodus Tour, whilst delicious day wear had us reaching for the credit card!

Fabulously tailored and beautifully designed 18-hour dresses which would easily take you from the boardroom to the bar rubbed shoulders with structured blazers and military style jackets for the brothers.

Finally finishing up with a glimpse of her designs for team Jamaica at this year’s Olympics.  If by some strange twist of misfortune the Jamaicans don’t go home with a bag full of gold medals they can comfort themselves with the fact they will surely be the best-dressed team in London!

One thing is clear from this collection and that we know for sure Ms Marley works hard as hell and has fun doing it and for this, we love her even more!

Check out our favourite pieces from her collection below and follow this link to purchase selections from her swimwear range…now, where did I put that credit card!