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African Diaspora Dress Cultures (ADDC)

Welcome to the African Diaspora Dress Cultures (ADDC) Course.

This course will teach you about the fundamentals of African Diaspora dress cultures and identity formation whilst also teaching you how to formulate a concise piece of academic writing that will be promoted and submitted to the CIAD Repository. Through lecture seminars, discussions, and activities you will learn about:

* A variety of African Diaspora cultures
* The development of an African diaspora identity
* Dress and material cultures and practices from a variety of groups
* How colonialism has impacted the development of different African diaspora groups
* Use case studies to develop the principles of academic writing
* Enable you to produce and publish an essay on your chosen subject

This programme will be delivered online and run over the course of ten weeks and teaching you the foundation of African diaspora dress culture and history. At the end of this course, you will produce a piece of writing suitable for publication within the CIAD repository and journal publications.

The first iteration of this course will be a pilot running at the nominal fee of £5 per session = £50 for ten weeks from the week commencing 5th June 2023 – the week commencing 7th August 2023.

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ADDC Course Reading List

Manning, Patrick (2010) Epilogue: The Future of the African Diaspora.



Seen: Black Style UK
By Jake Cunnigham
New Raiments of Self: African American Clothing in the Antebellum South (Dress, Body, Culture)
By Helen Bradley Foster
Bogolan: Shaping Culture Through Cloth in Contemporary Mali (African Expressive Cultures)
By Victoria L. Rovine
Unwrapping the Textile Traditions of Madagascar (Fowler Museum Textile Series)
By J. Claire Odland
Shoowa Design: African Textiles from the Kingdom of Kuba
By Georges Meurant
The Art of African Textiles: Technology, Tradition and Lurex (Art Catalogue)
By John Picton